California Supreme Court’s Grant of Review of Class Action Ruling on the Use of Statistical Evidence Could be Good News for Class Action Plaintiffs

On May 16, 2012, the California Supreme Court granted review of Duran v. U.S. National Bank (USB) (2012) 203 Cal. App 4th 212. In that case, a class of bank employees won an award of $15 million for unpaid overtime. The award was based on a variety of evidence which included a random sample of employees, and statistical analysis from an expert.

The Court of Appeals reversed the award, holding that the statistical sampling violated the bank’s due process rights.

Now the California Supreme Court has granted review of the case, presenting some hope to the class of bank employees that the Court will take a fresh look at the evidence presented at trial. In addition, all class action employees and lawyers will keep their eyes peeled for a potentially important ruling on the use of statistical evidence in a class action wage and hour case. Stay tuned!

Jody I. LeWitter
May 25, 2012

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